22 Million Dollars in Drug Money.
Michael Hearns was a member of the 5 person task force which siezed this money from the
drug cartel in 1991.
Someone would have laundered this cash.
Are you ready?
Classes and seminars

New US Patriot Act Compliance for Insurance Companies

A new set of federal regulations require insurance companies to have training in recognizing money laundering and programs in place to certify compliance with the US regulations. At minimum, insurance companies subject to the rule requiring an anti-money laundering program must establish a program that includes four basic elements:

  • A compliance officer responsible for ensuring that the program is implemented effectively
  • Written policies, procedures, and internal controls designed to control the risks of money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crime associated with the insurance business
  • Ongoing training of personnel concerning their responsibilities under the program
  • Independent testing to monitor and maintain an adequate program.

We can design a program which will help your company meet these guidelines, and instruct your key personnel in their implementation. Please contact us to outline your needs.

In Service for Law Enforcement Personnel

  • How money laundering occurs and why.
  • Signs of money laundering.
  • Multiple techniques of the money launderers are revealed.
  • Nomenclature, slang, and tendencies of the money launderers .
  • Ethnic groups closely tied to the laundering of money are highlighted.
  • Black Markets, and Parallel markets as well as the "La Vuelta" are explained.
  • Secretive Asian "Fei Chein" or "Flying money" is divulged.

Training for members for the financial community

    Brokerage Houses
    Insurance Companies
    Mortgage Companies
    Real Estate Professionals

    • How money laundering affects financial institutions
    • How money gets into the system
    • How launderers use the banking system to their advantage
    • How staff can spot the signs of money laundering
    • What to do if you discover laundering activity

Media Consultancy

  • Available to advise news organizations researching stories on money laundering or to answer questions regarding breaking stories

Motion Picture Consulting

  • If your project involves the business of laundering drug money, we can provide authentic details to bring added realism and accuracy to your script.

Lectures/Speaking Engagements

  • We can explain how money laundering works to your group, tailored to the specific needs and interests of your organization's members.
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